Adina Lichtman, Founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock
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I want to create a world where we have more love than fear for our neighbors.

What is the mission of your organization?

KKGS provides socks for those in need while working to humanize homelessness through bringing communities together for 'Meet Your Neighbor' events.

Why did you decide to start KKGS?

I started KKGS because I envision a world where individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds share, listen, and ultimately know their neighbors leading to stronger communities.

How would you connect your organization to a Jewish text, holiday, value or experience?

My Jewish values are crucial for the work that I do. As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I have been well aware that Jews throughout history have been persecuted and extending there hands reaching out for help. For the first time in history, we are not currently being persecuted and therefore I feel its my turn to extend a hand and to help those who are reaching their hands out for help. And it begins with our neighbors in our own backyard.

Who or what has inspired you in the work you are doing?

My neighbors experiencing homelessness on the streets and in local homeless shelters have inspired me. They are humans, just like you and me. They appreciate a hello and good morning, they compliment my dress, I compliment their smile and we both go on our way. I want to create a world where we have more love than fear for our neighbors.  

Share a story that has happened in your organization that has inspired you.

One of our neighbors experiencing homelessness got up at one of our events (a 'Meet Your Neighbors Dinner') and said 'Every day I feel either ignored, or like I am annoying to society. Here I feel a part of society'.

What's the best part of your job and why?

I get to live a life where I feel myself creating a change. I thanked someone the other day for donating $1,000 and they said back to me - "Thank you, because of your speech, I stopped and spoke to a man on the street for an hour."

What are some non-monetary ways for others to get involved in your organization or cause?

Host a sock drive in your community and/or office! Bring A Meet Your Neighbors Dinner to your community and/or Office! Join our Friday street team in NYC to hand out socks to our neighbors in need!

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