Erin Huber Rosen, Founder and Executive Director of Drink Local Drink Tap


Drink Local Drink Tap
Building Safe and Sustainable Water Resources in East Africa

In this week’s Torah portion, Chukat, the word “mayim” (water, in Hebrew) is mentioned 22 times. As the Israelites wander in the desert, they learn the importance of water for survival and plead to Moses for water. Although Moses is later punished, he finds a solution by striking a rock to provide water to the Israelites. Drawing on the theme of water, we are featuring an organization that solves water issues through creative events, programs and provides safe water to vulnerable people.

Read our interview below with Founder and Executive Director, Erin Huber Rosen.

What is the mission of Drink Local Drink Tap (DLDT)?

To inspire individuals to recognize and solve our water issues through creative events, programs and providing safe water to vulnerable people.

Why did you decide to start DLDT?

I saw a lack of connection to local water in the North American Great Lakes Region where 20% of the world's freshwater sits AND a lack of access to safe water in the Great Lakes region of Africa. I wanted to design a way to both inspire people to take care of what we have and help others who don't.

Can you share a story that is meaningful from your work?

I remember early on speaking at a school in Cleveland where the students themselves would go home daily with bags of donated food for their families. After speaking with them about world water issues and kids in Uganda and their hardships to find water and food, these kids in poverty in Cleveland asked me if they could send me with their toys to give the other kids. It proved to me that you are never too young (or anything) to do something.

Who has inspired you in the work that you are doing?

The communities we partner with in Uganda are true inspirations. At the very highest levels of poverty, the persistence and determination to move forward is incredible.

What has surprised you about working with your organization?

How much I learn every day from my teams, volunteers and partnerships. I never thought of listening as a skill that was important to learn, but I continue getting better and learn so much when I do.

What's the best part of your job and why?

Working with so many different types of people, especially volunteers (board members) who gain value in their lives by investing time and other resources into DLDT's work. Seeing others grow, thrive and find life fulfillment in being a part of DLDT's mission brings me happiness.

What are some non-monetary ways for others to get involved?

Online advocacy, sharing or engaging with our in-school programming, volunteering at beach cleanups in Cleveland, (or wherever you may live) helping to fundraise, board service, or internships.

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