Social Delivery on Righteous Crowd this Week!

Founder and CEO of Social Delivery Tomer Shemesh at their warehouse of collected surplus goods in Israel.

Founder and CEO of Social Delivery Tomer Shemesh at their warehouse of collected surplus goods in Israel.

Social Delivery

Turning Trash into Treasure

In this week’s Torah portion, Ki Teitzei, we read many of the commandments Jews are to obey. One of these laws regards leaving overlooked sheaves from the harvest to those in need. Like this law, this week’s organization values both reducing waste and helping those in need. Social Delivery is an organization based in Israel that collects products like furniture, clothing and electrical equipment that would likely end up in landfills, but instead ensures they go to people who need them the most.

Thank you to Israel-based Righteous Crowd member Jackie Zitelman Horvitz for suggesting this week's organization!

Read our interview below with Social Delivery's CEO and Founder Tomer Shemesh.

What is the mission of Social Delivery?
Social Delivery strives to eliminate loss of valuable resources and excess waste by collecting high quality surplus items from Israeli companies and delivering the items directly to nonprofits in Israel. While hundreds of families, senior citizens and those in poverty are in desperate need of new clothing and furniture, tons of surplus goods from various industries (textile, tourism, furniture, etc.) are disposed of on a weekly basis. Social Delivery aims to fix this problem.

Why did you decide to start Social Delivery?
I find it difficult to see the imbalance in the world between consumerism on one side and poverty on the other, I decided to take advantage of my knowledge and personal experience in the field of logistics and operations in an attempt to solve this problem.

What's the best part of your job and why?
The most exciting thing about my job is to get to a certain business and find high-quality equipment and after a few days to see the smile of those who received those products and are thrilled to have them. Recently a manager of a nonprofit in Israel told us "This project changes the rules of the game. Once I would invest 30 percent of my time to requesting and acquiring goods. Today it is just a phone call and we're done, and the money I save goes to the core activity helping youths."

Watch video about Social Delivery here from ROI and Nas Daily.

To learn more about Social Delivery click here.

Amy Benarroch