What is Righteous Crowd?

Righteous Crowd is a platform that connects the Jewish community to small and innovative not-for-profits doing exceptional work. We crowdfund $1/day from our members, and each week, distribute the collective funds to a different organization.

How does Righteous Crowd work?

  1. You sign up for Righteous Crowd. (Nice job!)

  2. Each week, we find and share a best-in-class organization worthy of funds and attention. You don’t have to do anything.

  3. You’re now part of a powerful network of Righteous Crowd members. When pooled together, your $1/day will be meaningful money to a small organization. Just 1,000 members represents $7,000 to a single organization--and $365,000 donated over the course of a year.

  4. Each week, we distribute the funds to the featured not-for-profit. We’ll notify you of the receiving organization, how their cause is connected to the Jewish calendar (relevant holiday or Torah portion), and why the work they’re doing is so important. Everybody wins!

Who is Righteous Crowd for?

  • For people who care (or want to care) about social change.

  • For people who want to support the work of smaller, innovative not-for-profits.

  • For people who are looking to add a little Jewish and philanthropic meaning to their lives.

Why is Righteous Crowd for you?

  • Saves you time and effort from researching best-in-class organizations worthy of funds.

  • Transforms your small donations into meaningful, collective giving.

  • Surfaces lesser-known organizations that might not be on your radar.

Who is behind Righteous Crowd?

Righteous Crowd is an initiative built and run by the Schilit family out of DC, NYC and Miami. As a family, we are passionate about discovering and supporting small yet impactful not-for-profits. For years, we’ve been involved in numerous organizations, both in the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. We believe our collective experience gives us a unique viewpoint on identifying impactful organizations that steward dollars responsibly and positively impact the world.

We want to make it easy for people to join us as we discover these exciting not-for-profits. By highlighting their work, we hope to give the organizations the opportunity to reach new fans and supporters. We also care deeply about promoting the ideals of tzedakah and connecting causes to Jewish values.