Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What percentage of my donation will go to the featured organizations?

    100%! All administrative costs are covered so 100% of your membership will go to the featured not-for-profits.

  2. Are my donations Tax-deductible?

    Yes! Our fiscal sponsor, Moishe House, is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Each month, when your credit card is charged, you’ll automatically receive an email from Moishe House with their tax ID which you can use to claim your deduction.

  3. how will funds be distributed?

    All donations collected from our members and donated to our recipient organizations will be handled by Moishe House. Your credit card will be charged $30 per month. (If you sign up on January 4th, your card will again be charged around February 4th, March 4th, etc.) Each week, we’ll multiply our membership count by seven (7 days in a week), and donate the amount to that week’s featured organization. For example, if we have 300 members, the organization will receive $2,100. If we have 500 members, the organization will receive $3,500.

  4. $1/day is $365 per person in a year. Giving 52 organizations $7 per person only comes out to $364/year. furthermore, you’re only charging my credit card $30/month which is only $360/year! the math doesn’t add up. What gives?

    True, the math doesn’t work out perfectly. We didn’t design the solar calendar! It’s just simpler to charge $30/month, and we’ll cover each member’s missing $4 to the last organization of the year.

  5. How will you select organizations?

    TYPES OF ORGANIZATIONS: We invest in organizations that serve vulnerable populations in topic areas that range from human rights and homelessness to immigrants and disabilities inclusion.

    HOW WE SOURCE: We look to our friends at Good People Fund, Slingshot, Natan, Amplifier, and others to find best-in-class organizations. We also hope to hear from you about organizations that might not yet be on our radar. Have an idea? Let us know here!

    WHAT WE FUND: We cross-reference with online evaluators GuideStar and Charity Navigator to assess the health of potential organizations and then send unrestricted funds to those that have a proven track record, strong leadership, and a budget of about $5 million or less.

  6. how jewish is righteous crowd?

    Hopefully the perfect amount! Not all featured organizations will be Jewish, although a lot will be. (There’s also the issue of what is a “Jewish” org, but that’s a different conversation!) For each organization, both Jewish and not, we’ll show how the work they’re doing represents Jewish values, and even tie it to the Jewish calendar (we may highlight a refugee organization around Passover or a homelessness organization around Sukkot).

  7. Can I sign someone up for Righteous Crowd as a gift?

    Definitely! A Righteous Crowd membership can be a great gift to celebrate a milestone (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, high school graduation, birthday) or for anyone in your life who may be interested in learning about our lesser-known, impactful organizations. Just sign up as you normally would (so you receive the tax receipt), and please email us at the name/email of the gift recipient (so they can get the weekly emails). And remember, if you’re signing up for yourself AND as a gift, to select the $60/month option, i.e., two memberships. If you would like to contribute via a Donor Advised Fund, please email at and we will send you the details.

  8. How often will i get emails?

    After signing up, you can expect to receive the following: A) One email per month from Moishe House when your credit card is charged with their tax ID information. B) One email per week from us notifying you of that week’s featured organization. If email frequency is an issue, please email us at so we can take care of you.

  9. This seems very passive. What if I’m interested in getting more involved?

    First of all, good for you! We understand people can be very busy, and that philanthropy can at times be overwhelming. Righteous Crowd was designed to be passive. If you want to become more involved in any of the featured organizations, THAT IS AWESOME. We absolutely want to encourage people to become fans and supporters on their own, whether it’s as simple as following the organizations on social media or reaching out to volunteer or become a lay leader. Please let us know at if you’d like to be introduced to any of the organizations. And let us know if you get involved on your own. We’d love to hear these success stories!

  10. how do i cancel my membership?

    Please email us at so we can help you.